Use the Bugee#@! client

To install the Bugee#@! client just copy the bugee.exe from the downoaded file in a folder of your choosing. As you can see the Bugee#@! is portable and no additional install is required. Double click the executable an the follow screen will be shown.



Add / Remove Apps

This command button shows the following window:


In this window you can add ( + ) or delete ( - ) an application. The plus button, simple adds an application. The minus button deletes PERMANETLY an application and its issues. With right click in an application a popup menu with the option to edit the application will be shown .

Note that if you have not previous connected to the host the connection window will appear.


Retrieve Issues

This command button shows the following window:


 This window has all the filters that you may need for filtering your querys.

Note: In the email field you can use the % character which for MYSQL means "Anything". For example if you want to retrieve all the issues that have an email that is starting with nik you can write nik%, if you want every email that is from gmail you can write You get the gist of it! 

Note: The date filter fields are formated from the system regional settings , but the Date field inside the grid it's formated as M-D-Y.

The Retrieve Issues button refresh the grid. Note that if you add or edit an issue the changes will not be reflected in the grid until you refresh the grid again.

The Export button refresh the issues , opens a save file dialog and it saves the issues in a csv file seperated by the ` character. If for some reason the ` character is inside a value of the fields e.g. in the title , it will be replaced by the ' character.

Grid popup menu

The right click menu of the grid shows the following commands:


New Issue

This menu shows the following window.


Application The application that the issue concern. ( in the above picture this filed is disabled , but is disabled because the issue is already saved , if you are creating a new issue this field will be enabled ).

Issue type The type of the issue , can be one of the following values :

  • bug : The issue is a bug !
  • Suggestion : A suggestion for the program .
  • New Feature : A suggestion that is about a new feature.
  • Info : General information for some versions , comments of the developer or just thanks from the user.

Issue state The state of the issue , can be one of the following values :

  • Unattended : The issue has not been proccessed.
  • Acknowledged : The issue has been confirmed or read.
  • Resolved : The issue has been resolved or implemented.

Title The title of the issue , often a small description of the issue.

Description The detailed description of the issue.

Info Additional information for the issue from the developer.

Email The email of the person that submited the issue.

Tags In this field you can type any tag for the issue. This tags can help with the quick filtering of the issues. For example you can set tags for the interface of the program , for the internal logic , or for the exports as this : #interface, #LOGIC, #EXPORT. Thwn if you want to see all the issues that are in the #LOGIC tag you can type in the tag filter of the Retrieve Issues window , #LOGIC. Of course you can combine this tags , for example if you set this tags in an issue #DEV#WEB#INTERFACE and you want to see all the issues with the #DEV and #INTERFACE then you can type in the tag filter %#DEV%#INTERFACE% . Note that the # character is not mandatory and the tags can have any format that you want .

Edit Issue

This menu shows the same window with the New Issue menu.

Delete Issue(s)

This menu deletes PERMANTELY all the selected issues.



This command button refreshes the dataset. That means that if you have add a new program and you want the program to see this in the retrieve issues window then you must push this button. If you have succesfully connect in the past, the Bugee#@! saves your credentials and host and it loads them in the start of the program. Thats means that if the first button you push is the refresh button then the Bugee#@! will connect without displaying the connection window.



Exit the application !


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